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In support to the Operationalization of the Provincial Task Force for COVID-19 chaired by Governor Daniel R. Fernando, the DILG Bulacan, being the cluster head of Governance Cluster and Management of the Dead and Missing Cluster, convened the two (2) clusters last September 1, 2020 and September 2, 2020, respectively.

Among the agenda of the meetings is to discuss the preparation of the Provincial Action Plan in Response to COVID-19. Therefore, programs, projects and activities of the member offices of the provincial government and national government agencies in support to the National Action Plan Phase II were discussed and consolidated. In addition, other topics on the Management of ROFs and LSIs (Governance Cluster) and Salient Features of DILG MC No. 2020-63 and DILG-DOH JMC No. 1 s. 2020 on the Management of Human Remains for Persons Under Investigation and Confirmed COVID-19 Cases (Management of the Dead Cluster) were discussed so as to apprise the members of the existing and new issuances relative to the functions assigned for each cluster.

The creation of eight (8) Response Clusters of the Provincial Task Force is aligned with the National Action Plan which aims to strengthen the coordination between different government offices, private institutions, POs, and CSOs and integrate the whole of government’s resources, manpower and expertise. Other clusters aside from Governance and Management of the Dead are: Health, Law and Order, Economy, Food and Non-Food Items, Logistic Cluster, Crisis and Communication.






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